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This is the manipulation of the soft tissue given in a gentle, therapeutically relaxing way.

The purpose of the many strokes and techniques used is meant to aid the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It helps joints relax, causing you more freedom of movement. It breaks up adhesions (which are abnormal joining together of tissues surrounding your joints) and can help soften scar tissue.

Swedish massage also stimulates your nerves and reduces stress and anxiety levels by releasing endorphins. (Endorphins are a hormone produced by your brain that reduces the sensation of pain and controls your emotions.)

The benefits of receiving a Swedish massage are endless!
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Deep Tissue

This modality uses a firm, but not painful pressure, which engages the deeper musculature with slow, effective strokes, friction across the muscle grain to release chronic muscle tension, vibration, gentle shaking and myofascial techniques to help loosen the fascia. (connective tissue) Other techniques are also used to help relieve and melt away knots, tight ropey bands and achy joints.
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PreNatal Massage

This massage is safe and therapeutically effective for you and your baby after your first trimester.

Before the session begins, the therapist will help you take a look at your own posture and how you can relieve muscle aches just by being aware of your own body.

The massage is given in a side-lying, fetal-like position, which is known to help take pressure off the spine and abdomen muscles. This position is a natural sleeping position for most of us and where we are most comfortable. It takes pressure off the baby and relaxes both of you.

Special care will be taken for your comfort with pillows and a gentle, nurturing touch. This massage is very specific to what your needs are at the time you come and the benefits are numerous! Ask us what the benefits are- we'll be happy to tell you all of them!

Receiving massage while you are pregnant is a great way to get in touch with your own body, give you a positive attitude, and aid in a stress free labor.
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Postpartum Massage

Postpartum Massage is safe at any time after birth, provided there were no complications. A physician's approval may be necessary in some cases.

This massage is a lot like the pregnancy massage. It is done in the side-lying position (until all wounds are healed) and has many of the same benefits.

It is also very specific to your needs and special care is taken to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Extra pillows for cushioning and caution of surgical/epidural sites and breast tenderness will be taken into consideration. This massage is attended to with skill, grace and modesty for your comfort and security.

This session is all about mom and making her feel safe, comfortable and happy with herself, and her body.
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Couples Massage

Spend quality time with your partner. With a couples massage, we bring in a second therapist so you can share your massage experience with your partner. However, couples massage isn't just for couples. It's a great way to introduce your friend or teen to massage. Whether you're familiar with massage or want to share your first massage experience with a friend, couples massage may be for you.

As with all our massages, it's important that you feel comfortable. Draping is used at all times and we only undrape the specific body part that we are currently working on. At no time, during any of our massages are private areas exposed.
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Teen Massage (13-18 Years)

Teens these days are under a lot of stress. Help them learn at any early age the benefits of massage, such as decreased anxiety, pain reduction, improved muscle tone, enhanced body image and increased self esteem, just to name a few.
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Infant Massage Classes For Parents

Bond, relax and spend time with your baby! Learn how you can help your baby with, colic, reflux, sleeping longer and deeper, teething and the list goes on. Kimberly Nurse is a nationally certified infant massage instructor. You'll learn to massage your infant in this four week class. Classes are held in our studio, as a group setting, at a hospital, or in the privacy of your own home. Short demonstrations are available, free of charge, upon request. Call for more details.
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Hot Paraffin Dips

Do you have dry or chapped skin on your hands? Are your joints achy and sore from arthritis? Add this soothing and moisturizing specialty to any service for just $5.

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Massage Parties

What is a massage party?
A massage party is where a therapist comes to your home to give a 20 to 60 min table massage to each of your friends.

Interested? Call for more details!
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